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Jan 14th, 2020
ULGD Back Tainted-TB 06/09/18 06:40 PM Well hello there!

I have made the site operational again for, well, historical sake. However, please note that not everything was able to be taken over from the previous site. Because the site has been down for so long there is no way to know what might have gotten missed.

Please note that I am sure many people will have forgotten their passwords or even log in. I will be happy to assist if possible as needed. You can reach me via the contact us.

Because many of the sites have died off over the years I have disabled the links in the headers and footers of the site to the old clans.

At the end of the day this was brought back out of nostalgia and a couple people asking if it was possible. Well it is and it is here!

With all of that said, as you can image, there will be things that are broken, have problems, or just plain don't work. The forum software was update to the latest version and some of this also broke things. I will work on it as I can to make it functional again over time.
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Facebook Group Pathegon OWB 12/23/09 03:15 AM If you're feeling froggy and wanna catch up on old times with a bunch of old alliance members, find me on Facebook "Danny Woodruff"
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Forum down-time Tainted-TB 05/15/09 05:43 PM Hi all,

As I am sure you may have noticed the forums have been having issues over the past month or so. The largest being not able to log in or get past the portal page.

It was only recent that I was able to take the time and find and fix the issue.

In fixing the issue I also took the time to upgrade the forums to the newest version. There have been many new features and bug fixes. There may still be some issues and I am currently working to address all issues that I can find or are reported to me. Please inform me if you have any issues.
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Updated forums info Tainted-TB 11/26/08 05:21 PM As many of you have noticed, or will notice when you come back out here, the site has been updated to the current forums development release.

This site while not used by many will keep getting updated, now and as long as we keep it around.

This update was a large update, many changes were implemented. There are, I am sure, some bugs or issues that might show up. Like night 1 I noticed no PM's were here (thus I had to go import those).

I know the new layout will be easy to use, but may bother some. Please let me know what you think, and what you would like to see change. This can be done either via this post, or PM.

Also note, I have implemented some other security protocols to help prevent spam posting and bots, by using CAPCHA for guests.

1) The shoutbox can be seen, but not used by guests.
2) Public boards can often been seen by guests, but if allowed to post will require CAPCHA.

3) many of the old style sheets are no longer active, they just don't work with this build. Right now there are 3 that are fully active.

  • Stock (an off white(almost tan or yellow) and white).
  • Dark (a blue and black theme, much like one we had before).
  • Bloodmoon (Made by another guild, and edited by me for use on my Guild website. Used blue /teal boarders, mostly black and grey backgrounds with a tan'ish text).

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